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Seek Asian Singles on iDateAsia is one of the leading cross-cultural dating sites in Asia. Formed as a member site of Qpid Network since 2004, iDateAsia is dedicated to helping men from all over the world find their perfect match in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine and other countries in Southeast Asia.

1000+ Beautiful Asian Singles Online

By cooperating with local dating agencies, iDateAsia receives hundreds of membership applications from Asian singles each week, but only those Asian singles profiles that meet our double check standards can be published on iDateAsia platform. Up to now, we've got at least 1000 beautiful single Asian ladies online every day for dating.

How Do I Date Fast?

You may sign up NOW! It's FREE!! Browse our Asian singles beautiful photos and get a general impression by reading their profiles. Once you find your favourite lady, you may contact her via Live Chat, Love Call or write her a romantic love letter. And the dating tips on our official blog will lead you in the right way during the Asian singles dating procedure.

High Successful Ratio

Over 80% members have a joyful dating experience on our platform. Although iDateAsia might not be as famous as eHarmony or, we are committed to growing into the world's No.1 Asian dating site, and offering our members the best services. You may login to read more about our success stories.

Discounts & Promotions

There are a lot of discounts and promotions on our dating site each year to celebrate important festivals and holidays and improve the interaction and communication between our western men members and gorgeous Asian singles.

Here are some activities held in the past year 2012:
Mother's Day 2012
Holloween 2012
Christmas 2012

Member Comments

  • Raymond & Athitaya Meesook

    Thank you so much for a good service of agency "NARIN".You brought me a love that I've been looking for in all my life. My love has arrived...
  • Michael & Dollaphatsana

    Tovenus Services Co.Lmt. and especially Teya have been a tremendous support and help for me to find a lady I develop true love to...
  • Lawrence & Erelyn Tatoy

    I really appreciated Shiann and the staff in Angel Lover for helping me arrange the meeting me and Lawerence .
  • Paul & Le Vu Cam Loan

    I am living in Vietnam. My name is Mai Loan. As you know, most women in their 30 years old are married soon, but I still not yet. Even...
  • Jeremy & Petronia

    This prompt processing was greatly appreciated. Shiann and other staffs were polite and courteous when I was introduced and met Petronia.

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